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Save Traditional Scottish Farmhouse Cheese Production

26 February 2019

Together with Isle of Mull Cheese, Finlays Farm, Galloway Farmhouse Cheese and Cambus O May we have launched a crowdjustice campaign to challenge the legality of the Guidance produced by Food standards Scotland for the production of raw milk cheese. Click here for a link

In December Food Standards Scotland (FSS) issued new and draconian “Guidance” for Environmental Health Officers’ regulation of raw milk cheese production. The enforcement requirements exceed anything in law and anything stipulated by other EU government agencies. The Guidance will contribute nothing to food safety; it is unjust and it will spell the end of much loved Scottish cheeses, the winners of many international awards.

Several times since December we have brought our concerns to FSS, and in reply they have implicitly conceded most of the points we have made, but they adamantly refuse to suspend the Guidance, as we have requested, in order to rewrite it. We believe we are left with no choice but to petition the Court of Session on the lawfulness of the Guidance.

The cost of this Petition is way beyond the collective means of cheesemakers (all very small businesses) so we have decided to appeal to all who love our cheese to support the legal action. Please support us on Crowdjustice

Thank you