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Lanark Blue - out of stock

03 January 2019

Thank you to all our customers for the considerable support over the past couple of years and everyone who has bought our cheese for their Christmas celebrations, all of us here at Errington Cheese are looking forward to the new year!!

I am afraid we have completely run out of 2018 Lanark Blue now, unfortunately due to the turbulent couple of years we decided to make considerably less than previous years due to the reduced sales, as we are dependent on our farm to produce the milk and the seasonality of the milk we have to make decisions well in advance which affect our production levels, and ultimately cheese mature enough to sell. As you can imagine it will take us a few years to get our stock and production levels to a stable level again and your patience and support with us is very much appreciated. 

We are due to start lambing at the end of January so Lanark Blue should be available again in the spring.

We do however have Dunsyre Blue, Maises Kebbuck and Corra Linn available