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November round up of News

10 December 2018

November was a turning point for all of us here at Errington Cheese and has given us all some positivity for not just our future but the future of raw milk cheese generally.

The biggest and most important thing for me and my family was the judicial review in the court of session against the Sheriff's judgment in July regarding condemnation of four batches of cheese which was overturned. This is huge for us as it effectively means that food can not be condemned because of 'potential' risk and that if Food Standards Scotland or an environmental health officer wishes to condemn something there must be evidence that it will cause harm after all virtually anything could be seen as potentially pathogenic in certain circumstances and we are very pleased that the Court of Session agreed.

The second thing was that we have now agreed with South Lanarkshire Council a settlement for all the cheese that will have to be disposed with the council so I have been able to re-employ Angela and Paul which is a huge relief and I am very grateful that they have agreed to return.

World Cheese Awards - we are over the moon to say that Corra Linn won two Gold awards at the World Cheese awards and the first batch of Dunsyre made with Mossigiel milk won a Silver.

Slow Food Awards - Absolutely delighted to say that Lanark Blue was announced Champion slow food product nationally and I was awarded person of the year for the UK which is a huge honor. Link to results click here. Pleased to see that Iain Mellis won Best Cheese monger and Neil Forbes Cafe St Honare best Restaurant in the UK and Edinburgh Farmers Market won best Market great to be a supplier to all. Looking forward to the award dinner tomorrow night!!

Even made it to number 53 on the List 2018 Hot 100!! Link here