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12 July 2018

Two officers from South Lanarkshire Council attended our premises today to supervise me and Angela while we brushed the Corra Linn made in 2016. They refused to let me take the hazard tape down, insisting on continuing to seal off the area of the maturing room. I had pointed out to them that the Sheriff has made and published his judgement on the Corra Linn and Lanark Blue and that it is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money to continue to send two Environmental Health officers up to us (2 hours round trip by car) for an afternoon every two weeks. I can only assume this indicates that South Lanarkshire Council do not accept the Sheriff’s judgement and feel the need to keep up the psychological pressure on us while they decide what to do next. It was notable that the two senior officers who took the original action against my business have gone on holiday for three weeks and sent the junior troops to the front line.

It appears that Food Standards Scotland does not respect the Sheriff’s judgement either since all their various risk assessments and FAFA in relation to our products are still published on their website. The other notable publication is “Guidance for environmental health officers in the production of raw milk cheese”, which also requires re-writing in line with the Sheriff’s judgement.  

With reference to :

The FSS letter written by Lorna Murray in October 2016 incorporates a flawed interpretation of Annex II Ch IX of Reg (EC) 852/2004 because the Sheriff found that raw milk is not ‘reasonably expected’ to be contaminated when produced hygienically following HACCP principles and that the process of cheese making and maturation is, in itself, a process which reduces contamination to acceptable levels.