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Corra Linn/ Legal Update

17 August 2018

I wanted to update our customers about the Corra Linn and our current position

Despite publication of the judgement regarding the entire stock of 2016 and a small amount of 2015 Corra Linn South Lanarkshire Council are refusing to release it to me for sale so I am afraid I won't have any available to sell until the 2018 cheese becomes ready to sell November/December time.

With a heavy heart I have had to lay off my two remaining staff for which I feel really terrible as they have stood by me over the past couple of years. My sales of cheese are less than 25% of what they were two years ago and because the sales are going to be reduced again by 50% I simply can not afford to pay their wages.

I do have Lanark Blue and Lanark White available as usual.

There has been a date set for the 4th September where the Sherriff should make directions on what is to happen next regarding cheese and costs, however due to the fact South Lanarkshire Council are refusing to release the cheese and recent correspondence we are expecting them to appeal the judgement.

We wrote to Food Standards Scotland asking them to remove all their allegations of deficiencies in our systems, risk management, FAFA etc published on their website since the judgment has found that our systems are not deficient, they have refused so in essence the FAFA is still in place regarding the Corra Linn from 2016 so I would be unable to sell it anyway, we have also heard that Food Standards Scotland are ‘fuming’ about the result of the judgement, bizarre really – you would expect that they would be pleased to know that we were complying with the Food Safety legislation and making safe cheese.