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World Cheese Awards - Silver for Dunsyre Blue

21 November 2017

We are delighted to say we had some brilliant results at the World Cheese awards last week the Pasteurised Dunsyre Blue won a silver, The Lanark White also won a silver award and the Corra Linn won a Bronze

We are pleased to say we started making Dunsyre Blue again at the end of September. This has been a difficult decision since we have had to pasteurise in order to purchase cows milk to make it with. We hope this is only a short to medium term measure whilst we wait for resolution of the ongoing legal issues. I was in an impossible position: our ewes dry off in early September so we would have had no work to do and no livelihood if we had not chosen this path.

We are finding the milk very different to work with. However, we are sourcing the milk from one local herd of traditional Friesian cows who graze freely outside during the summer and produce lovely high quality milk. The cheese we have made is looking very promising and we are doing our best to make the best quality cheese from the best cows milk available.

We really appreciate the ongoing support given and shown to us over the past year and hope you will enjoy having Dunsyre Blue back again alongside Lanark Blue, Corra Linn and Lanark White.