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27 June 2017

Errington Cheese Launches Poetry Competition in Celebration of Raw Milk Cheese

In light of the recent challenging and broadly publicised circumstances for Errington Cheese, they are launching a poetry competition in celebration of raw milk cheese at The Royal Highland Show. 

Cheese lovers and poets, both aspiring and accomplished, are invited to put pen to paper. Prizes for the winning entries include:

  •            A painting entitled ‘Blessed are the Cheesemakers’ by Ronald Forbes RSA RGI
  •             10 Course Tasting Menu with wines Restaurant Andrew Fairlie</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Dinner for two with a bottle of house wine Café St Honoré
  •             A Day Learning Cheese Making Errington Cheese</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Dinner or Lunch The Three Chimneys

The competition will run from Friday 23rd June until Thursday 31st August and is open to all. It is intended to be fun and help to highlight and celebrate the benefits of raw milk cheese.  A voluntary donation, minimum £10, is requested with each entry, this will aid with legal costs in the battle to save Errington Cheese.

Competition Judges

A panel of experts, leaders in their fields of Scottish food and writing will preside over the judging.  Shirley Spear, Magnus Linklater, Joanna Blythman, Catherine Brown and Humprey Errington will judge entries and pick the winners in early September.

Why this is important?

Humphrey Errington says "The campaign is important, firstly, to raise awareness of the advantages and health benefits of eating raw milk cheese and, secondly, to support the case upon which the whole future of Scottish raw milk cheese making depends."  

“If FSS kills off Scottish raw milk cheesemaking, and all the jobs and skills that go with it, then the foreign cheese industry will simply move in and take the business. We will continue to eat raw milk cheese but it will be made in mainland Europe, not by our own Scottish artisans. Traditional products offer a future to many Scottish farmers. The authorities must apply up-to-date scientific understanding, proportionality, and realism to their policing,” says Joanna Blythman

Shirley Spear, said “Humphrey Errington is inspirational yet again with this idea for a poetry competition.  I am looking forward to joining the other judges to read the entries. I am sure these will be fun as well as carry a more serious message in support of all of our artisan producers in Scotland, especially those making superb, raw milk cheeses.  I wish everyone the very best of luck!”

How to Enter the Competition

Entrants are asked simply to write a short poem in praise of raw milk cheese. The poem may take any form, from a light-hearted limerick to a sonnet, or even a prose poem, but your entry must be no longer than 14 lines.

Entries can be made:

on Facebook:

Emailed: [email protected]  or

By Post: Errington Cheese Competition, Walston Braehead Farm, Ogscastle, Carnwath, ML11 8NF

For further details please:

Contact:  Gillian Bell, 07950 413 462, [email protected]

or Humphrey Errington, 07783 052 032, for more information

The Errington family has been making its award winning cheeses in Scotland since 1984. Its products are widely seen as the jewels in the crown of Scotland’s artisan cheese portfolio, and have greatly enhanced Scotland’s reputation for fine food at home and abroad.

The Battle for Errington Cheese

Errington Cheese states:

“All of our 2016 cheese production was taken off the market by Food Standards Scotland last year and, earlier this year, it was “seized” by South Lanarkshire Council. At long last, we will shortly be in court to see the evidence which the authorities claim to possess showing the cheese unfit to eat—and we will have the opportunity to challenge that evidence in the same court.”

“Our belief, that there is nothing wrong with any of the seized cheese (market value c. £350,000), is based on the opinion of leading British microbiologists and food safety experts. The issues at stake, and how the court judges them, will determine the future, not just of Errington Cheese but, of all raw milk cheese production in Scotland.”

“The battle has involved us in massive cost, not just financial but also in terms of personal stress. We have been fortified in our determination to see the matter to the end by the enormous support we are receiving from the Scottish public. In the unlikely event that we do have to give up, it will not be from lack of will but from lack of money.”

“We are convinced that Scots have every right to enjoy the flavours and health benefits of raw milk cheese produced in Scotland to hygiene standards unmatched anywhere else in Europe.”