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Positive Update!!

05 February 2017


We have started lambing this afternoon so we will have milk soon, two ewes lambed today and we have three lambs which has given us a sense of purpose and at least we will go back to doing more of what we should be doing - farming and making cheese. 

Public Meeting

Huge thanks to the Defence of Artisan Food committee especially Joanna Blythman and all those who came we had an amazing turnout and it was really constructive meeting with Food business, Chef's, Food lovers and worried people attending from all over Scotland, England and Ireland.

After the last six months we feel this is a really important group as action by authorities can be really isolating and damaging for small businesses who do not have large technical, marketing and PR departments equipped and prepared to deal with government agencies and the media. Whether there has been a problem or not is is important that reputations and the damage to the industry involved are minimised and public confidence is not lost.

If you would like to keep up to date Defend Artisan Food now have a website - click here for a link and the twitter handle is @CDArtisanFood


I continue to be completely overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who has donated money to the crowdfunding campaign to support our legal costs, it is well over 50% of the target with over 600 different people donating. You can keep up to date/donate by clicking here. Thank you everyone who has donated it has really given us a physiological boost as well as the financial support - the legal costs are terrifying.


  • One of the ewe's with her lamb One of the ewe's with her lamb