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Cheese Maturation

31 October 2016


This morning I spent rubbing down and turning our Corra Linn, which is a hard ewes milk cheese made in a traditional cheddar style with traditional muslin cheese cloth. This needs to be done once per week and is hard manual work, but necessary to allow the cheese to mature evenly, developing its unique rind and preventing cheese mites.

The Corra Linn is currently banned from sale as are the blue cheeses, I am hoping that it will survive until some kind of decision can be made since it requires 6-12months plus to mature, sadly I am not so sure that the blue cheese will survive indefinitely, we have wrapped them all up in foil and put it in boxes to store at a lower temperature in the hope that they do not all become completely over - ripe, generally it is best eaten at 3-4 months but obviously now it is much more mature.

We are so grateful for all the support we are receiving via crowd funding thank you