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Update on the ban of our cheese

28 October 2016

We are continuing a legal challenge to overturn Food Standards Scotland’s total ban on the sale of all our cheeses.

Food Standards Scotland imposed the ban following an outbreak of E. Coli however to date FSS have failed to show its evidence linking the outbreak to our products.

We have had to lay off all of our staff which is completely devistating

After lodging our case for a judicial review, FSS has backed down and rescinded its order that the cheese be destroyed, which is tantamount to an admission that they had made a mistake in the first place in ordering destruction. We are therefore continuing to seek a judicial review at the Court of Session in order that FSS's evidence is made public and open to scrutiny.

We have carried out our own tests using leading laboratories in the UK and Europe and found no trace of E. coli 0157.

Food Standards Scotland say it could take six months to finalise its report but by that time our cheese will have to be destroyed and our business will be finished.

This puts the reputation and future of the whole British artisan cheese industry under threat.  We have the irony of unpasteurised French cheeses such as Roquefort being imported into Scotland and freely available for sale while a ban exists on our own indigenous cheese.

We would like to thank everyone who has given their support over the past few months and are continuing to do so by supporting us with our legal costs, its all greatly appreciated.